Kids, Race and Racism

Family should be the place where children feel precious and beloved. It's also the place where their identity is nurtured and strengthened. When everyone in the family doesn’t ‘match’ we have the unique opportunity of learning and growing together and then championing the differences. What you say, and often more importantly, what you don’t say as parents will be foundational to the identity your child takes into their teens, young adulthood, and the rest of their life. This course will help you guide the thinking, reading, and conversation for your whole family. This course is for you if:

  • You’d like a deeper understanding of transracial parenting and what the research says.

  • You’d like an age-by-age developmentally appropriate way to talk about race and racism with your children.

  • You are interested in how and when to talk to your biological children and extended family about race and racism.

  • You are willing to be an unwavering ally to your adopted child.

  • You are interested in an on-going life-long learning process on the subject of race and racism…even if it challenges your thinking!